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. we have a check on the beach forecast for those travelers heading in that direction. here's what you may want to consider. friday, maybe leave late instead of early or hold off until saturday morning. weather is going to clear up nicely friday night into saturday.
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low 80s but breezy. the surf surging from 10 feet or higher tomorrow. we'll have much more in a couple of minutes. we'll head back to the news desk. >> we're heading to justin burke now. how you doing? >> reporter: we're tracking here at the beach. we had a beautiful sunset. looks like high tide coming up at 3:59. that's temperature point we will be on the air at 4:00. we'll let you know how bad it is here. forget the hand held. look over my shoulder. we've partnered with weather bug. they brought their storm chaser. we just set up here on the board walk. this is live for everybody to see tomorrow. we've got meteorologist jacob from weather bug here. tell us about the storm tracker. >> we have a mobile weather tracking unit that includes a
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hd camera, an mom at the, rain gauge and temperature censer. we're basically able to drive pup on the board walk and get data. >> he had to fight everybody off to get the keys to come by himself. >> reporter: we have a bet going on here. how high do you think the wind gusts will get tomorrow? >> i think we'll see wind gusts up to 62 miles per hour. you said 58. >> reporter: that's what we've got going on here. the wind is picking up a little bit. it's a matter of fact the storm itself is going to get cranking up as we head through day break tomorrow. high tide, close to 4:00. then we're talking about that issue with the closest path around sunrise. we'll get more coming up in just a bit. right now, kelly back to you in the studio. >> earl continues moving up the eastern seaboard. as we all though, storms like
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this are unpredictable. everyone at the shore are taking off all necessary precautions. crises, what are folks doing to prepare tonight? >> they feel they've been preparing all week. they feel they're ready for this storm. they know what's coming. the track has stayed consistent throughout the week. they've been expecting it to do what it's done which is not make a hard left turn. they feel relatively safe. they've done everything they can. over the past few minutes we saw big trucks clearing off trash cans and other degree that could fly to turning missiles, possibly 30 miles per hour winds. we could see local flooding. earlier i spoke with the emergency management services about how they are getting ready for tomorrow. >> we've been planning all week long. we've been monitoring the forecast. the forecast is consistent. our plans are in place internally for each department
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no matter what earl may or may not change. we're happy with the forecast. our expectations haven't changed for tomorrow. we'll see elevated water downtown. the surf will be rough. the rips are going to be there. we have minor restrictions out. we're prepared even with the changes. >> i guess when you'll know if it changes would be sometime tomorrow morning. >> we're going to continue to look at the different forecasts. 11:00 tonight and 5:00 a.m. in the morning is the one we'll be paying attention to. our plans are in place. we're ready to go. >> reporter: if there's localized street flooding, what's the procedure to clean up from that? >> we have our high water signs out. the people know where the water will be downtown in certain areas. the tidal departures will be two foot. if that's the case, we'll have no additional problems. at the end of the day, earl
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will be gone from here. we have the rest of the weekend to enjoy it. use common sense. don't travel during times of the storm and enjoy the rest of the week. the sun will be sunshine all week. >> reporter: we're hearing don't cancel your plans. they hope people will still come down. it will be a nice afternoon tomorrow. we talked to business owners about what they're expecting for tomorrow. >> reporter: it seems marylanders are watching and waiting not expecting to see a whole lot. on the eve of this big holiday weekend, it seems like hurricane earl is just another attraction on the board walk. they say nothing stops the party at sea crest. that's true when talking about a storm called the earl. >> reporter: the most notorious
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hot spots are covering up the gear. the sticky -- tiki bars are staying put. >> we're like the titanicking and keep playing on. >> reporter: they won't be alone. this storm isn't turning it into a sleepy storm town. some are showing up for the weather. most locals don't expect problems. the seaside hotel owner says they haven't had problems in years. they're eyeing the water from a distance. >> the waves are getting bigger and rougher. >> reporter: what's exactly what surfers want to hear. he spent the day in the water battling the waves and breaking two boards along the way. >> these are good boards. >> reporter: it's a waiting game here in ocean city, just hours away from hurricane
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earl's arrival. most people here tell us they won't let this storm put an end to their end of summer celebrations. back to you. >> even though that the storm is not supposed to hit hard here in ocean city, it's kicking huge currents in the ocean. big waves and dangerous rip tides. swimming has been restricted throughout the beach up and down the beach in ocean city. you can't go swimming all through the day tomorrow even after the storm is over. they're hoping to lift the restriction saturday. it depends on how the conditions are. they want to try to keep everybody safe and have a safe and fun labor day weekend once earl gets out of here. >> we're life in ocean city. thanks a lot, chris. our live team coverage continues at 4:00 a.m. with a special expanded edition of good morning maryland. always check out abc for the latest updates. it's so disturbing it
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sounds like something out of amy virgin islands now the victim a -- out of a movie. now the victim speaks out for the first time. an incredible story of what happened to this woman. our live hurricane coverage of earl continues. here's another live look at ocean city. it is definitely a different story along the carolina coast. >> the outer banks brace for hurricane earl. i'll have the latest straight after head.
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at this hour, hurricane earl is bearing down. huge waves and high wind and rain in store before earl makes
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his way north toward the maryland watches. we have been out in the elements all day long. he's live from atlantic beach in north carolina. a lot windier and wetter from when i talked to you earlier tonight. it certainly is. even with a category 2 hurricane, we're talking wind speeds up to 110 miles per hour. we're starting to feel the outer bands now. right now here in north carolina, the real concern is storm surge. with the waves behind me and the flooding it could cause. i must tell you over a hundred thousand people on the barrier islands were ordered to evacuate. the worst part is expected to
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impact this coastline at about 2:00 eastern time on friday morning. >> all right. thanks for that live report. obviously we're watching very closely what's happening in north carolina as we keep an eye on the situation here. let's check in now to find out what's in store for us as we continue to watch ocean city tonight. >> ocean city is where we're looking now. the bands are coming into the carolina coast as we speak. things go down really beginning now through about the middle part of the day tomorrow. we're going to see the worst by early afternoon. the by tomorrow night, the storms will be blowing out of here. we're looking good starting tomorrow night. let's take a look at the latest on this storm now. we have maryland's most powerful radar loaded up for you. we're in a distant scan mode. we're able to pick up the eye wall of this circulation as it makes its way to the outer banks. we'll have a camera for you out of there in a second. here's the virginia beach.
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here's the eye wall of now category 2, a strong category 2 hurricane now in earl. winds to 105 miles per hour moving north at 15. 275 miles i believe south of ocean city now. at least the northern part of the eye wall s. you can see impressive deep convection. where you see the darker reds, those are high storm tops, deepest storms. it's the most intense field around the eye wall here. outer spirals just cloud cover. the ones coming through baltimore now. we have rain bands along the outer banks. let's give you a look at the track of this thing. category 2, 8:00 tomorrow morning. wind action picking up in ocean city. winds picking up there too. in the key can time between 8:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m. the storm will likely weak ton a category 1. it will send a
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tremendous amount of surf before clearing the area. one other look at this thing on the computer model here. it's extremely close to the western rain bands. it will scoot along the beaches. wind gusts probably close to 50 during the day at the beach. you can see today rewinding the clock, waves rolling in awfully large toward sunset. this is our camera on the board walk. huge waves, 7-8 feet. probably up to 10 feet tomorrow. this is the outer banks of north carolina. a lot of rain coming down here. messy day. one other spot down on the river in north carolina, you see the outer bands as they roll in kind of a wild sky there. hurricane watch in the morning. right now a watch. hurricane warning for carolina and cape cod in massachusetts. we've got the hurricane watch and tropical storm watches here
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in delaware. this tropical satellite gives you the perspective on how far some of the bands are reaching tonight. different view here. our 3d scan captures the height of these storm tops as it moved toward the carolinas this afternoon. just unusual. it reminds you back to storms like gloria as they made their approach. all tracks keeping it well offshore tonight. that's a good thing. close call for ocean city. we think just gusty winds and at times rain. much weaker storm. that's good. 70 tonight, few clouds. the irony is, as wild as weather will be the first half of tomorrow, we're talking 90 and partly to mostly sunny skies later on. minneapolis to the eastern association much different weather. tonight -- tomorrow night
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beaches clearing out rather quickly. seven-day forecast, things line up to be much cooler and nicer sunday, monday into your holiday. the ocean itself headed to the beaches will stay wild and rough at least through probably saturday night. >> thanks a lot. it is a sad day on the campus of mount st. mary's university as a student collapses and dies. conner joined just a few weeks ago. what an awful story. >> we're learning more about katie's medical condition that may have contributed to her death. >> reporter: she had a love for her horse chunky. she planned to come home this weekend to ride. around 4:00 wednesday afternoon, the 18-year-old freshman met friends on this campus volleyball court to pursue another passion. when she dove for a ball
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attend of her point she collapsed and stopped responding. >> reporter: carnes' roommate knew she had a medical issue. she wore an insulin pump and took medications. >> she had tons of different medications. >> reporter: carnes didn't let that stop her from being an active student. she signed up for a white water rafting trip. the news is hard for students. their faith is pulling them threw. >> we should use the time we're given in a way that is productive and a way to saver every moment. >> classes were canceled. about half of the student population came to a prayer as much as this morning. an autopsy is being done on her
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body. cheryl conner, abc news. 13 workers safely escaped an oil platform explosion. they were found bundled together in their survival suits. this was 200 miles west of the bp's massive spill. no oil escaped in this incident. despite having acid thrown in her face, a woman from washington state is in good spirits even though she knows she faces an uncertain future. bethany was on her way to a coffee shop when a woman got out of her car and said "hey pretty girl, wanted to take a drink of this. "the woman tossed the drink into her face. she underwent surgery and today talked publicly since the attack. >> i have my ups and downs.
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i think about what happened and get frustrated. why did this happen to me? then i'm okay. i'm sorry. i have an amazing family and friends that love me. i'm blessed, you know. i'm trying to stay positive. i'm a happy person. i like making others laugh. i'm just hilarious. hello. >> heartbreaking story. she was wearing sun glasses at the time. it's likely those saved her from being blinded. police are looking for her attacker. you can see her entirer view on abc 2 consumer safety boards in the u.s. and canada are yet to find a link between pampers dry maximum diapers and severe cases of diaper rash.
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more than 4700 cases of unusually severe diaper rash have been reported in infants that have worn the dry maximum diapers. >> check out this video from massachusetts. an suv crashes into a store after closing. the driver fell asleep at that time wheel. this video from germany of a chaotic situation. you see a man backing from police. he had a knife to a hostage's throat. this happened after he threatened several at a gas station. the police shot the man with a taser. no word on a motive for this incident. the familiar blue going green at that time harbor. not so much a new look but an co friendly glow for this local landmark.
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very special baltimore birthday. the aquarium marched the 30th anniversary by launching a conservation center. tonight, a new energy efficient
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look for this inner harbor landmark. the familiar blue wave is going green. the neon has been replaced with led lights. tonight we get our first peek. >> tomorrow on good morning maryland, hurricane earl at our door. we'll take a look and down the east coast. we'll be live and impact the eastern shore. i'm jamie. i'll have that story plus weather and traffic tomorrow. we'll be on at 4:00 a.m. on good morning maryland. >> all right. speaking of earl which we have more more on the in the morning. take a look. we've got the eye wall here. you can see it beginning to move in. some of these outer bands beginning to move to the eastern shore of virginia now. getting into our border state area, coming our way, you can see the direction of our storm is just about due north and
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expected to turn northeast. the storms 110 miles per hour. ocean city gusting to 20 now. we think those may gust to 40, maybe 45-50 through the day tomorrow. beach forecast windy. stormy for the kickoff of the three day weekend. we clear out for the rest of the weekend. surf is going to stay up through saturday. just to reiterate tomorrow, quiet here. as you go east it gets stormier. >> just in case ravens fans are wondering, they lost the last preseason game to the st. louis rams. smith did okay. >> this is the fourth game of the preseason. >> nobody cares. that's it for us tonight. don't for get good morning maryland 4:00 a.m. we'll see you.
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